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Best Safari Privacy Browser Extensions - Anti Tracking

Looking for the best Safari privacy browser extensions to keep your online activities secure and private? Our top picks for anti-tracking features will give you enhanced protection and control over your data. Browse safely with peace of mind today.

Keep in mind that browser extensions make your Safari browser footprint more unique. If that is a concern of yours in certain scenarios, consider installing a second browser apart from Safari on your device without any extensions.

AdGuard: Blocking of Ads, Trackers and Malicious Domains
Safari iOS Mac iPhone iPad Open-Source

This is an extremely advanced Safari ad-blocker that will make you forget about annoying pop-ups and speed up loading time. It also protects your personal data and allows you to customize blocking criteria to your exact preference. It tries to protect you from creepy tracking, phishing, and fraud. This Safari privacy extension offers you all the features of a paid software without costing you anything.

Brave Browser: Safari Alternative with Privacy Features

Safari Fast iOS Mac iPhone iPad Open-Source

If you're looking for more privacy and might want to consider switching from Safari to Brave Browser, since it comes out of the box with plenty of privacy features, ad blocking and tracking protection. If you'd rather keep using Safari check out the listed privacy extensions for Safari below. Keep in mind though that Safari only has a limited selection of add-ons available compared to a Chrome-based browser like Brave. Here is the full list of privacy browser extensions that are available.

NordVPN: High Speed VPN with Browser Proxy Extension
Closed-Source Win Android iOS Mac Linux Bitcoin

NordVPN comes with a rich set of features in the pricing model called Complete. More high speed VPN servers, 1 TB encrypted cloud storage, and an audited and secure password manager. You can avail the offer here. Discounted for a limited time.

SponsorBlock: Skip Sponsor Segments in YouTube Videos
Safari iOS Mac iPhone iPad Open-Source

YouTubers started a while ago to add sponsor segments in their video clips, most users skip these segments manually, but now there is a Safari extension available that will do that automatically for you.

Privacy Extensions by Platform:

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Safari is the default browser on Apple devices. It is also available for other operating systems, like Windows and MacOS. It is a powerful and secure browser with a lot of features that make browsing the internet more enjoyable. We made sure to list only the best Safari privacy extensions that you can easily install to improve your browsing experience.

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Privacy tools listed on this page are all open-source unless marked otherwise: Criteria.