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Encrypted Calendars: Secure Your Schedule and Privacy Today

Keep your schedule safe and private with our encrypted calendar solutions. Easy to use, secure and reliable. Protect your privacy with encrypted calendars. Get started today!

Proton Calendar: Manage your agenda and keep data private
Audited Encrypted Android Bitcoin

Select the "Mail Plus" or "Proton Unlimited" paid plans for more features.

Skiff Calendar: Private, End-to-End Encrypted Calendar
Audited Encrypted Decentralized Freemium Win Mac Android iOS Web Bitcoin

Modern, feature rich and user-friendly user interface. Offers team features with shared calendars, importing existing calendars, notifications and integrated video conferencing. Users can opt in to store files decentralized with IPFS. The company is based in the USA, and is operating the Calendar service since 2023. Audited by a reputable cybersecurity firm, Trail of Bits.

Tutanota: Free, Cross-Platform and Zero-Knowledge Calendar
Encrypted Win Android iOS Mac Linux Bitcoin
Peergos: Encrypted Shareable Calendar For Your Browser
Audited Encrypted Bitcoin

Audited by Cure53 in May 2019.

EteSync: Securely sync your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes
Encrypted Paid Plan Bitcoin Android iOS Hosted Self-Hosted

If you decide to self-host EteSync you won't have to pay for the subscription. Tutorial here.

VPN with a 82% Discount

VPN that Supports Unlimited Devices: Surfshark (82% off)
Audited Win Mac Linux Android iOS Bitcoin Firefox Chrome

Based in The Netherlands. Operating since 2018. Obfuscated, RAM-only servers. Audited by a reputable German cybersecurity firm, Cure53. Currently, 82% off + 2 months FREE.

Privacy tools listed on this page are all open-source unless marked otherwise: Criteria.