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The Best Encrypted Digital Notebooks: Safe, Private, and Secure

Take your note-taking to the next level with our selection of the best encrypted digital notebooks. Keep your data safe, private, and secure with end-to-end encryption and advanced security features. Our top picks provide you with peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information is protected, while still being easily accessible from any device.

Notesnook: Zero Knowledge Private Note Taking
Encrypted Freemium Win Android iOS Mac Linux Bitcoin

Developers decided recently to open-source their application. Comes with a generous free version, rich text editor and import functionality from: Files (txt, html, and .md markdown) and from other note taking apps: OneNote, EverNote, Standard Notes, Simplenote, Google Keep, Bear notes and Joplin.

Standard Notes: A safe place for your notes, thoughts, and life's work
Audited Encrypted Freemium Win Android iOS Mac Linux Bitcoin

Free accounts come with a good set of features already, even in the long run if you are fine with plain text notes.

Skiff Pages: Encrypted with team features
Audited Encrypted Decentralized Freemium Win Mac Android iOS Web Bitcoin

Modern, feature rich and user-friendly user interface. Offers team features, version history, public link sharing and real-time collaboration. The free plan offers 10 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. Premium plans are fairly priced in a range from $3 with 15 GB, $8 with 100 GB and $12 for 1 TB storage, monthly cost via annual payment. Custom domains and aliases are also available in premium plans. Users can opt in to store files decentralized with IPFS. Accepted crypto payment methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC. The company is based in the USA, and is operating the Mail service since 2022. Audited by a reputable cybersecurity firm, Trail of Bits.

Cryptee: Encrypted Documents Editor
Encrypted Freemium Hosted Bitcoin Android iOS

Free accounts come with 100MB storage. Your documents are encrypted before they leave your device, so Cryptee can't see your documents. Use the code "privacytools" at the checkout for a 10% lifetime off.

Turtl: Encrypted and synced notes, bookmarks, passwords and files
Encrypted Freemium Win Android iOS (coming soon) Mac Linux

Free accounts come with storage of up to 50MB of note data and collaborate with 3 people each space.

Joplin: Collaborate with encrypted and synced multimedia notes
Encrypted Win Android iOS Mac Linux

Synchronize notes across devices, publish and collaboration are for paid subscriptions only.

Logseq: A local-first notebook for organizing and collaboration
Encrypted Win Android Mac Linux Self-Hosted

Not encrypted, but the server will never store or analyze your private notes. Your data are plain text files.

Keeping track of your essential work projects without being exposed is a crucial step. These notebooks can store all the important information generated during the day. With the many digital notebooks, you must find the safest ones.

Privacy tools listed on this page are all open-source unless marked otherwise: Criteria.

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