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Privacy Friendly Mobile Operating Systems

Protect your privacy with our privacy-friendly mobile operating systems. Designed to keep your data secure, our mobile OS options are ideal for those looking for a more private and secure mobile experience. Say goodbye to snoops and advertisers and hello to peace of mind. Learn more about our mobile OS options now!

LineageOS: Security and privacy for Phones and Tablets
Android Phones Tablets

Wide range of supported devices: Open list.

Ubuntu Touch: Android alternative for Phones and Tablets
Linux Phones Tablets

List of supported devices.

CalyxOS: Secure features for your Google Pixel Phone
Android Google Pixel Phones

Only Google Pixel devices and Xiaomi Mi A2 are supported. Source.

GrapheneOS: Improved privacy and security for your Google Pixel device
Google Pixel Android Phones

Only Google Pixel devices are supported, new models are recommended. Source.

Operating systems that protect smartphone users' privacy are crucial in this era. The top mobile operating systems have been made with security and privacy in mind and have advanced features to protect Android users' data and privacy.

Worth Mentioning:

Privacy Android Keyboard Alternatives

AnySoftKeyboard: One of the most customizable keyboards available
Free Plan Android Phones Tablets

Get it on F-Droid. Supports lots of languages via external packages.

OpenBoard: Look and feel of Gboard without the tracking
Free Plan Android Phones Tablets

Get it on F-Droid. No dependency on Google binaries.

FlorisBoard: Modern, user-friendly, customizable and privacy respecting
Free Plan Android Phones Tablets

Get it on F-Droid. Currently in early-beta state.

Simple Keyboard: Super lightweight (<1MB) and minimal features
Free Plan Android Phones Tablets

Get it on F-Droid. For people who like it minimalistic. No emojis, gifs, spell checker or swipe typing.

Indic Keyboard: Indic and Indian languages
Free Plan Android Phones Tablets

Get it on F-Droid. Supports 23 languages and 54 layouts.

Android Keyboards are the most popular way for users to input text into smartphones. Although this is a straightforward way to send information, it includes many privacy risks. To stay safe and protected, installing suitable keyboards that respect your privacy is necessary. We have discussed some of these alternatives below.

Privacy tools listed on this page are all open-source unless marked otherwise: Criteria.

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StealthEX: Supports Privacy Cryptocurrencies
No KYC required Bitcoin Monero

No registration or account needed. 450+ coins and tokens are available for quick and easy exchanges. Data privacy and security is a top priority for StealthEX, all swaps are non-custodial.