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Operating Systems
Operating Systems

Privacy Friendly Operating Systems

Looking for a privacy-friendly operating system? Our site provides information on the best privacy-focused operating systems available. Explore our comprehensive reviews, ratings, and comparisons to find the perfect OS for your needs. Protect your personal data and safeguard your online privacy with our top-rated picks. Browse our website now to learn more!

Fedora Workstation: User friendly and easy to setup
Easy Set up Linux
Whonix: A full operating system that runs inside your current one with Tor
Encrypted Easy Set up Tor Linux

Featured in our Top 10 Out-of-the-Box Privacy Tools list.

Ubuntu: User friendly and easy to setup
Easy Set up Linux
Tails: Portable, encrypted and secure through the Tor network
Encrypted For Experts Linux Portable Tor
Qubes OS: A reasonably secure operating system
For Experts

Operating systems that provide privacy is a crucial today more than ever. These operating systems are suitable for the digital era and have been made with security and privacy in mind. They even have advanced features to protect their users' data.

Privacy tools listed on this page are all open-source unless marked otherwise: Criteria.

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Incogni: Get your personal data deleted and off the market
Easy Set up Fast Web

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