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Disk & File Cleaner
Disk & File Cleaner

Disk & File Cleaners with Privacy Features

Clean your disks and files and protect your privacy with our privacy-focused disk and file cleaners. Get rid of junk files and protect your data now!

CleanMyMac & PC: Essential Cleaning Software
Closed-Source Win Mac Easy Set up

Available for Windows and Mac. Beautiful designed user interface, perfect for beginners and people who appreciate a well-designed software. Cleans up junk files and speeds up your system in no time.

BleachBit: Disk space cleaner, privacy manager and system optimizer
Open-Source Win Linux

Shredding files and wiping unallocated disk space to minimize data remanence.

Gemini 2: Duplicate File Finder for Mac
Closed-Source Mac Easy Set up

Detect and delete duplicates. It's smart, laser accurate, and recovers tons of space on your Mac.

ExifCleaner: Privacy metadata removal tool
Open-Source Win Mac Linux

Removes metadata for the most popular image and video formats. It also supports PDF files and comes with batch-processing to process multiple files at once. Drag and Drop interface, easy to use.

ExifEraser: Image metadata remover for Android
Open-Source Android Phones Tablets

File support: JPEG, PNG and WebP.

Metapho: Image metadata remover for iOS
Closed-Source iOS iPad iPhone

Strips out metadata or remove location data only. Share without metadata just before sharing.

Czkawka: Simple, fast and free app to remove duplicated files
Open-Source Win Mac Linux

No privacy features but a neat little tool to declutter your computer and free disk space.

Privacy Guides about Disks and Files:

While you may want to have your disks and files cleaned, it is crucial to understand that not all of them are safe, secure, and private. Some of these cleaners are a virus that keeps on tracking your data and sending it to hackers. It is best to use software that protects your privacy before purchasing.

Privacy tools listed on this page are all open-source unless marked otherwise: Criteria.

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StealthEX: Supports Privacy Cryptocurrencies
No KYC required Bitcoin Monero

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