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Privacy Frontends
Privacy Frontends

Alternative & Privacy Friendly Frontends for Social Media

Are you looking for a more private, ad-free and user friendly social media experience? Explore our collection of alternative frontends for major social networks. All software is free & open source, and most come with no ads or tracking.

Privacy Frontends collaboration with Privex.io: For popular services such as Twitter, reddit, imgur, and Wikipedia - with Tor hidden services available, allowing you to improve your privacy when using these services. https://www.privex.io/articles/privacy-frontends/

LibRedirect: Browser addon that redirects popular websites to alternatives
Firefox Chrome Bitcoin

Automatically redirects requests from popular websites to alternative and privacy friendly frontends. Uses random instances by default. You can modify this and add custom instances too.

Supports: YouTube, YouTube Music, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, reddit, imgur, Wikipedia, Medium, Quora, IMDb, PeerTube, LBRY/Odysee, Search, Translate, Maps and Send Files.

Invidious: Alternative frontend without ads and tracking for YouTube
Bitcoin Win Mac Linux Android iOS Apple TV Phones Tablets Tor

Desktop: FreeTube. For Windows, Mac and Linux.

Android: LibreTube, NewPipe or NewPipe x SponsorBlock x Return YouTube Dislike (Fork).

Apple: Yattee. For iPhone, iPad, macOS and Apple TV (tvOS).

YouTube Music: Beatbump or Hyperpipe both are web versions.

Worth mentioning: Piped and CloudTube are both good alternatives to Invidious.

Nitter: Ad free, focused on privacy and performance for Twitter
Bitcoin Tor I2P Lokinet

Android: Fritter - A privacy-friendly Twitter frontend for Android devices.

All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Twitter. List of Instances.

ProxiTok: Privacy respecting frontend for TikTok
Bitcoin Tor

RSS Feed for user, trending and tag. Just add /rss to the URL. List of instances.

teddit and libreddit privacy focused frontends for reddit

Our teddit instance is securely hosted by Privex.io for PrivacyTools.io. List of instances: Official teddit instance, teddit and libreddit.

rimgo: Lightweight, no ads or tracking and bandwith efficient for imgur

No sign up or app install prompts. List of Instances.

Wikiless: No JavaScript or ads for Wikipedia

This instance is securely hosted by Privex.io for PrivacyTools.io. All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Wikipedia. Official instance, list of instances and source code on Codeberg.org.

Scribe: Alternative Frontend for Medium
Bitcoin Tor

List of Instances.

Quetre: A libre front-end for Quora
Bitcoin Tor

All requests are proxied. Dark and light themes available. List of Instances.

libremdb: Clean and lightweight interface for IMDb
Bitcoin Tor

All requests go through the backend; client never talks to IMDb. List of Instances.

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These tools and services offer alternative privacy friendly frontends and backends for popular social media & networking websites. The original websites usually track their users and serve intrusive ads, with these alternative frontends the privacy conscious can opt-out out of tracking and enjoy supported websites in a much cleaner version.

Privacy tools listed on this page are all open-source unless marked otherwise: Criteria.

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