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ente: simple, encrypted photo storage
Encrypted Freemium Hosted Android iOS Bitcoin

Your photos are encrypted and hosted in datacenters in The Netherlands and France (Source). Migration options available: Local HDD, Google, Apple and Amazon Photos. Free trial of 1 GB for 365 days available. Use coupon code "PRIVACYTOOLS" to get 10% off in the first year.

Cryptee: Encrypted Secure Photo Storage
Encrypted Freemium Hosted Bitcoin Android iOS

Your photos are encrypted before they leave your device, so Cryptee can't see your photos, and no one else. Use the code "privacytools" at the checkout for a 10% lifetime off.

PhotoPrism: AI-powered app for browsing, organizing & sharing your photos
Free Plan Self-Hosted Bitcoin

No hosted solution available yet, but coming soon. Tag and find pictures automatically. Try the demo.

Piwigo: Photo management software for the web
Free Plan Paid Plan Hosted Self-Hosted Android iOS Bitcoin

Cloud-hosted and self-hosted versions available. Comes with user management. Demo.

Worth Mentioning:

The rise of alternative photography services significantly increases the search queries on Google and other search engines. Users are looking for privacy, security, and usability features. To ensure privacy and security, you can use encrypted photo storage providers. An encrypted photo storage service keeps your photos private and safe from prying eyes such as hackers and thieves.

Privacy tools listed on this page are all open-source unless marked otherwise: Criteria.

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Incogni: Get your personal data deleted and off the market
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Thousands of companies are collecting, aggregating and trading your personal data without you knowing anything about it. Incogni removes them for you. Available for US, UK, Canada, Switzerland, and EU residents only. 30-day money-back guarantee. Cancel anytime.

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