Best Secure Email Providers for Privacy

Find a secure email provider that will keep your privacy in mind. Don't settle for ad-supported platforms. Never trust any company with your privacy, always encrypt.

Privacy-Conscious Email Providers - No Affiliates

Email Provider Website Since Jurisdiction Storage Yearly Price Bitcoin Encryption Own Domain
Disroot WWW 2015 Netherlands 1 GB Free Accepted Built-in Yes
Kolab Now WWW 2010 Switzerland 2 GB $ 60 Accepted No Yes WWW 2014 Germany 2 GB 12 € Accepted Built-in Yes
Mailfence WWW 2013 Belgium 500 MB Free Accepted Built-in Yes
Neomailbox WWW 2003 Switzerland 1 GB $ 49.95 Accepted Built-in Yes
Posteo WWW 2009 Germany 2 GB 12 € No Built-in No
Protonmail WWW Tor 2013 Switzerland 500 MB Free Accepted Built-in Yes
Runbox WWW 1999 Norway 1 GB $ 19.95 Accepted No Yes
Soverin WWW 2015 Netherlands 25 GB 29 € No No Yes
StartMail WWW 2014 Netherlands 10 GB $ 59.95 Accepted Built-in Yes
Tutanota WWW 2011 Germany 1 GB Free No Built-in Yes

Interesting Email Providers Under Development

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