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The most reliable source for privacy tools since 2015. Software, services and privacy guides to fight surveillance with encryption for better internet privacy.

Cryptocurrency exchanges which allow for direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions to take place securely and without the need for a third party to oversee transfer of assets. DEX are more anonymous than commercial exchanges which implement know your customer (KYC) requirements.

SideShift.ai: No Account required on this crypto exchange
Bitcoin Monero Affiliated

Swap between BTC, ETH, BCH, XMR, XAI and 30+ other cryptocurrencies.

UnstoppableSwap: Send Bitcoin, receive Monero using Atomic Swaps
Bitcoin Monero

This is brand new technology and might have unexpected bugs. Be careful and only test with small amounts. Read the Official announcement from August 20, 2021.

StealthEX: Supports Privacy Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Monero Affiliated

No registration or account needed.

WizardSwap: Supports Privacy Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Monero

Platform charges 0.1% fee but liquidity providers set their margins. Accessible via Tor (.onion).

PancakeSwap: Decentralized trading protocol on Binance Smart Chain
Binance BEP20 tokens

Links: GitHub, Blog, Twitter, Telegram.

Telegram Channels are targeted by scammers, don't share your key phrases with anyone. Admins of the official channels are not sending private messages to users. Beware of anyone reaching out via private message.

Worth Mentioning:

Crypto swap is the process of exchanging coins between two parties on a secure exchange. If a private and anonymous exchange is not possible, one can browse the web to find some crypto exchange options. Here are some of the websites that offer safe crypto swap services.

Privacy tools listed on this page are all open-source unless marked otherwise: Criteria.

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Incogni: Get your personal data deleted and off the market
Easy to Setup Fast Web Affiliated

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