Enforce Privacy & Security Best-Practices on Windows and macOS:

Enforce Privacy & Security Best-Practices on Windows and macOS:

Today we present you another GitHub Gem: is an open-source privacy tool to enforce security and privacy best-practices on Windows and macOS.

The user interface is modern and very easy to use. The app comes in two different versions. Online version that does not require to run any software on your computer. An offline version which has more functions such as running the scripts directly.


  • Rich: Hundreds of scripts that aims to give you control of your data.
  • Free: Both free as in "beer" and free as in "speech".
  • Transparent. Have full visibility into what the tweaks do as you enable them.
  • Reversible. Revert if something feels wrong.
  • Accessible. No need to run any compiled software on your computer with web version.
  • Open. What you see as code in this repository is what you get. The application itself, its infrastructure and deployments are open-source and automated thanks to bump-everywhere.
  • Tested. A lot of tests. Automated and manual. Community-testing and verification. Stability improvements comes before new features.
  • Extensible. Effortlessly extend scripts with a custom designed templating language.
  • Portable and simple. Every script is independently executable without cross-dependencies.

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