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Decentralized VPN
Decentralized VPN

List of Decentralized VPN (dVPN) for Privacy in 2024

Decentralized VPNs are new, experimental and require in some case more advanced and complicated setups. We advise beginners to choose a regular VPN provider, since the clients work out-of-the-box and don't require any complicated configurations. Whistleblowers and other people that fit this threat model should opt in for Tor Browser.

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Safing Privacy Network - SPN: Multiple identities for each app
Audited Decentralized Paid Plan Win Linux Cash Bitcoin Monero

SPN enables users to select different identities (IP addresses) for each app. Certain apps and domains can be excluded as well. Volunteers are able to host a community node but there are no rewards yet, so it can be assumed that the majority of nodes are run by the Safing team.

Sentinel: Decentralized VPN Node Network
Decentralized Paid Plan Android Mac Linux iOS Win Phones Tablets

Interesting project in an early stage. Instead of wasting server resources, this new protocol is using peer-to-peer user nodes to create a fully functioning bandwith network.

Amount of decentralized nodes in Aug 2022: 3972. Source.

Android & iOS: SOLAR dVPN.

macOS and Linux: Meile dVPN Client.

Cross-platform browser: Decentr Browser with Sentinel integration.

Blog Post: Sentinel dVPN Guide: New, Exciting and Decentralized. Everything Explained

KelVPN: Cross-platform with deanon-proof onion routing
Decentralized Paid Plan Win Mac Linux Android

No iOS app yet. Node operators get rewarded with $KEL tokens with staking options.

Mysterium VPN: No sign up, no subscription
Decentralized Paid Plan Win Mac Linux Android

Unlimited devices, affordable price, 135 countries and over 16,000 servers. No email sign up required.

Orchid VPN: Payment via Fiat or Cryptocurrency. No subscription
Decentralized Paid Plan Mac Android iOS

No Windows client available. The Orchid protocol uses WebRTC. Onion-routed multi-hop connections.

Tachyon VPN: A whole ecosystems for storage, DNS and CDN
Decentralized Paid Plan Mac Android iOS

No Windows client available, but coming soon. Number of nodes in Jan 2023: 1128. Source. Node operators receive IPX token rewards with staking options.

Deeper Network: VPN Hardware and Web3 Privacy Tools
Decentralized Paid Plan Router All Browsers

This decentralized VPN hardware product comes with six powerful features: dVPN, security, IoT device protection, ad blocking incl. YouTube, one-click parental controls and blockchain mining.

HOPR: Multiple hops and metadata confidentiality
Decentralized Paid Plan All Browsers

HOPR’s decentralized, incentivized mixnet obscures all metadata, including IP addresses, making it impossible to tell anything about who is communicating and what data they’re sending. Node operators receive HOPR tokens rewards with staking options. No downloads required, several dApps are available.

Boring Protocol: Market for bandwidth usage and privacy in one program
Decentralized Paid Plan Router All Browsers

No subscriptions, it's a "pay-per-consumption" model for users built on the Solana network. Network Providers are rewarded with $BOP as compensation. Related links: Documentation, and Motherboard Node Store.

Tor: Not a dVPN but a similar volunteer overlay network for anonymity

Decentralized Free Plan Slow Anonymity Win Android Mac Linux

The Tor network is decentralized and anonymous but way slower than a VPN. It's free to use.

Privacy tools listed on this page are all open-source unless marked otherwise: Criteria.

VPN with a 82% Discount

VPN that Supports Unlimited Devices: Surfshark (82% off)
Audited Win Mac Linux Android iOS Bitcoin Firefox Chrome

Based in The Netherlands. Operating since 2018. Obfuscated, RAM-only servers. Audited by a reputable German cybersecurity firm, Cure53. Currently, 82% off + 2 months FREE.