Smart Devices: Accepted Tracking for Convenience?

Smart Devices: Accepted Tracking for Convenience?

You got it; your smartphone is an advanced spying/tracking device that:

  • Records everything you say at any time (“Hey Siri”, “Hey Google”).
  • Records your location everywhere you go.
  • Always records other devices around you (Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi Access points).
  • Records your habits and health data (steps, screen time, exposure to diseases, connected devices data)
  • Records all your network locations.
  • Records all your pictures and videos (and most likely where they were taken).
  • Has most likely access to most of your known accounts including social media, messaging, and financial accounts.

Data is being transmitted even if you opt-out, processed, and stored indefinitely (most likely unencrypted) by various third parties.

But that is not all, this section is not called “Smartphones” but “Smart devices” because it is not only your smartphone spying on you. It is also every other smart device you could have:

  • Your Smart Watch? (Apple Watch, Android Smartwatch …)
  • Your Fitness Devices and Apps (Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, …)
  • Your Smart Speaker? (Amazon Alexa, Google Echo, Apple Homepod …)
  • Your Smart Transportation? (Car? Scooter?)
  • Your Smart Tags? (Apple AirTag, Galaxy SmartTag, Tile…)
  • Your Car? (Yes, most modern cars have advanced logging/tracking features these days)
  • Any other Smart device? There are even convenient search engines dedicated to finding them online:

    See: Warning about smartphones and smart devices

    Conclusion: Do not bring your smart devices with you when conducting sensitive activities.

Source: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity, written by AnonyPla © CC BY-NC 4.0