Privacy Tools: Securely Transmitting Information - Messaging & Calling

Privacy Tools: Securely Transmitting Information - Messaging & Calling

Currently, technology allows us to communicate in so many different ways with each other that even 30 years ago we were unable to do. Skype, Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messaging, Mumble, and TeamSpeak are all examples of ways in which we communicate through technology. However, these are all methods of communication that are either inherently insecure due to the way they have been developed, or not used securely on behalf of the user. A study done by Forrester claimed that in 2012, around 6 billion text messages were sent in the US each day. Those statics are 4 years old now but should give some insight into the usage of technology in this day and age.

Now, I want you to think about what you would message one of your friends or family members or what you have messaged them in the past. I’m not talking the day mumbo-jumbo either. Think about the times when you have said something really personal. Maybe shared a password with your girlfriend, took a picture of a bank statement and emailed it to another family member, or even sent your social insurance number to a future employer. These are all too common in the daily world of technology and it is incredibly foolish and negates the security of our identity on many different levels. Facebook, Yahoo, Google… they don’t need to know this sort of information about you; even if they are claiming to keep it safe from third parties. To add some more scary information to the mix, the National Security Agency (NSA) in the US, runs a program called Dishfire (, which collects hundreds of millions of text messages per day. How this is even a thing?

This is where companies like ProtonMail, Wire, Open Whisper Systems, Apple (iMessage/Facetime), and Tutanota come in. They provide services that are dedicated to helping us communicate securely and privately with others. Most companies that WANT to keep you secure online will do so without draining your pocket either. Let’s take a closer look at the first four listed above which are my go-to services every single day.

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