Introduction of GitHub 💎 Gems by

Introduction of GitHub 💎 Gems by

What are GitHub Gems by Open Source Software that doesn't fit the privacy topic on the main website but are worth checking out. Most open source projects are run by privacy-minded people, anyway. From great developers for beautiful people like you.

GitHub Gems are hard to discover since they are so precious and rare, so please share them with me on Twitter if you happen to stumble upon a Gem. I will make sure to let the world know about them as soon as possible and share the love the developers have put in these tools.

GitHub 💎 Gems Criteria:

  • An appealing and modern user-interface.
  • Open Source and free to use.
  • Project is still under active development.

Entries are ranked by the amount of GitHub stars.

GitHub 💎 Gems Goals:

  • Offering free and easy to use alternatives to users.
  • Connecting developers with a wide user base.
  • Connecting developers who work on similar projects.
  • Finding projects made by great developers who need help in marketing.
  • Offer free promotion on Twitter, GitHub and Privacy Guides by

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Please make sure to share this new project with your best friends and don't forget to submit any rare Gems that you stumble upon. Thanks for joining in ❤️