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AdGuard Affiliate Partner Program Review: 50%+ Commission

Posted on 16 January 2023 11:14 pm

You're a webmaster, blogger, vlogger or reseller in the tech field and are looking to grow your business? You might want to have a closer look at the AdGuard Affiliate Program that pays 50% and more commission on a wide range of their cross-platform software and services with real user benefits.

Three Types of AdGuard Affiliate Programs

You can earn commission with all three AdGuard main products:

  1. AdGuard Ad Blocker: Blocks ads, trackers, phishing, and web annoyances.
    With a 50% revenue share, also 50% for renewals if the user decides to continue the service.
  2. AdGuard VPN: Log free VPN service based in Cyprus.
    40% revenue share and 40% for renewals of the VPN service.
  3. AdGuard DNS: Control web traffic on your devices, block ads, trackers, and malicious domains.
    40% revenue share and 40% for subscription renewals.

But here comes the best thing: AdGuard offers you as an Affiliate cross-promos. In short: Once the user that you've referred purchases another AdGuard product that is promoted within the app, you'll receive a commission for that, too.

Sales from any country are accepted, the minimum payout is $20 USD, and your affiliate stats are updated in real time.

Cross-Promo Commissions:

  • You send a user to download AdGuard Ad Blocker, receive 50% commission. AdGuard knows that you referred the download of the app to this exact user, within the app they promote AdGuard VPN, too. If your user purchases a VPN service, you'll get 40% of that revenue, too.
  • User signs up for AdGuard DNS and downloads the software. The DNS app promotes the VPN service and user signs up, you'll get 40% of that revenue.

Personally, I think that's great for affiliates. It just feels like their whole offer is well thought-through and designed to create a win-win situation. A fair and wholesome partnership.

Sounds good to you? Let me tell you that they have a friendly, responsive and competent user support as well as their affiliate. Sign up now and give it a try!

How to Become an AdGuard Affiliate?

Signup only takes you a few seconds. Pick a username, enter your email and password, select your account currency, and you're good to go. Here is a screenshot of the signup form:

AdGuard doesn't even want to know your address. Later on, you just select your Payment method:

  • PayPal: Only provide your email that you're using for PayPal.
  • VISA, MasterCard, Webmoney and QIW: Requires additional information like Phone number and full name. I have personally not tried these payment methods yet.

I found the PayPal option suitable and uncomplicated.

AdGuard Affiliate Commission Payments

Affiliate commission payments are made weekly on Thursdays and have to be ordered in the Affiliate user panel, by just creating a ticket that is already included in their system. The minimum account balance needs to be $20 USD for cashing out. If you're ordering your first payout, they'll review your account within 7 to 14 days, it is helpful to provide information to the AdGuard team on how you promote their products by providing links to your website, blog, channel and other platforms. This was implemented to avoid abuse of their fairly designed affiliate program.

Referral Tracking: How does it work?

You might wonder how AdGuard keeps track of the users you've referred. Every download link on their website contains your unique affiliate ID that is embedded in the software as well.

So at any point, if the user makes a purchase, it can be tracked back to you. This way ensures you're getting your fair compensation for referring users to any AdGuard product.

Rules for AdGuard Affiliates

AdGuard designed their system around fairness and transparency. Affiliates should avoid breaking these rules to establish a health and long-lasting business relationship.

  • Cause reputational damage to AdGuard.
  • Sending spam via SMS, email, forum, dating and social media sites.
  • No incentivized traffic like content lockers and auto-surfing.
  • Misleading users into downloading AdGuard via phishing or bundling the software.
  • No pop-under or pop-up ad windows.
  • Any form of artificially inflating download numbers and installations.

These rules and limitations are understandable and easy to follow. If you agree with them, sign up here:

AdGuard Affiliate Review Conclusion

10 out of 10. AdGuard's products are beneficial to users, offer a free trial, pay a high commission, get equal rewards for renewals and cross-promote their products among the users that you have referred to them. I have not seen another affiliate program yet with such fair terms.

On a side not, if you generate a lot of sales, you can reach out to the AdGuard affiliate team once your monthly income exceeds $1000 USD to ask for a higher commission than 40 to 50%.

Accepted by the Privacy & Open-Source Community

If you're a webmaster or developer in the open-source space and hear about affiliate marketing, your first reaction might be "I'm not shilling shady products" over concerns that your audience will reject these kinds of marketing practices instantly.

AdGuard is different. The products are accepted among the privacy community, they've open-sourced their software, the company operates under the jurisdiction of Cyprus, they're not using shady marketing strategies and the AdGuard Ad blocker remains among the first choices for Apple users.

In short, you can recommend a solid open-source product to your users without feeling like selling your soul to a huge corporation.

About AdGuard Products in General

AdGuard provides a wide range of software solutions for blocking ads and protecting user privacy on various devices. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and browser extensions are available for cross-platform support. It aims to block all types of ads, including pop-ups, banners, and video ads, as well as tracking and malware.

Features and benefits for the user:

  • Ability to save on mobile data
  • Lower battery usage on all devices
  • Improved page loading speeds
  • Enhanced privacy and security

Additionally, free trial version of the software and services are provided for the user. Once a user decides to purchase the software, you'll receive commission.

It is also important to note that the success of AdGuard speaks for itself with over 35 million users worldwide and is available in more than 30 languages. You can use these arguments and benefits to convince your audience that you are about to refer of the quality of AdGuard's product range.

Sign-up here: