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Privacy Search Engines

The Best Privacy Respecting Search Engines

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Startpage: Dutch search engine company that highlights privacy
No Crawler & Index Closed-Source

Obtains Google search results while protecting users' privacy. Based in the Netherlands. Launched in 1998.

Brave Search: A completely independent index without tracking
Own Crawler & Web Index Closed-Source

Blog post about the new Brave Search beta. Based in the US. Launched in June 2021.

MetaGer: Metasearch engine run by a non profit organization
No Crawler & Index Open-Source

Link: MetaGer on GitLab. Based in Germany. Launched in 1996.

Mojeek: Independent search engine which does not track you
Own Crawler & Web Index Closed-Source

A crawler-based search engine that provides independent search results using its own index of web pages, rather than using results from other search engines. Based in the UK. Launched in 2004.

DuckDuckGo: Privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized results
Own Crawler & Bing Results Partially Open-Source

Some of DuckDuckGo's code is free software, but the core is proprietary. Launched in 2008. Based in US.

Searx: Privacy-respecting metasearch engine
No Crawler & Index Hosted Self-Hosted Open-Source

Hosted in multiple locations around the world. Self-hostable, open source metasearch engine. Users can access existing public instances.

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Privacy search engines are becoming popular among users. They make it harder for web agencies and providers to track their searches and spy on their activities. These privacy-protecting search engines have advanced filtering technology that helps in keeping user information confidential, private, and secure.

Privacy tools listed on this page are all open-source unless marked otherwise: Criteria.

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